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How do I re-open my account?
How do I re-open my account?
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We’re excited to have you back! We may or may not have been counting the seconds we've been apart.

For security purposes we are not able to re-open your account once it is closed, but you’re welcome to register again! Simply download the app and go through the sign-up process again to create your new account

To refresh your memory, here are Beforepay’s main features:

  • Pay On Demand™ where you can Cash Out a portion of your pay for a fixed 5% transaction fee. That’s it. No other hidden charges, fees or interest - just a flat 5%!

  • Budgeting where you can create and customise a budget. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger! Our bot automatically generates a budget for you based on your spending behaviour. We’re all about making life easy here!

  • Insights where you can view all your transactions, spending categories and upcoming bills to help you keep track of your spending and take control of your finances.


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