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Do I need to update you if my employer changes?
Do I need to update you if my employer changes?
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Short answer: yes.

Your employment information helps us verify your salary so you can get your Pay On Demand™. We’ll need to update your employment information if you change jobs so that you can continue to access your pay when you need it.

To update your employment information, you will simply need to email with the following details:

  • New employer name

  • New employer address

  • Work type (full-time, part-time, casual, on-demand worker or self-employed)

  • Start date.

We don’t contact or require anything from your employer. This is all done through the app and the way it securely syncs with your bank account.

Tip: Can’t Cash Out? Don’t worry - that’s just a part of the process when updating your employment details. We first need to verify a direct deposit has been made by your employer to your nominated bank account (i.e. your wages) before you can Cash Out again. So the sooner you update us with your new employer, the less you have to wait!

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