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Can I change my repayment date?
Can I change my repayment date?
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We have automated repayments set up so you can have peace of mind knowing your finances are in check.

But, we know life happens, and some days we just need that extra flexibility. That’s why we move with you and offer flexible repayment options for amounts you Cash Out using our Pay On Demand™ service.

You can choose to repay early or delay your repayment directly from the app. Here’s a quick how-to:

The Cash Out screen lets you delay your repayments once, or repay early

To repay early: On the 'Cash Out' screen, select ‘Repay early’ and choose the repayment(s) you would like to pay. This option is not available the day before a repayment is due, or while a repayment is already in progress.

(Note: You can choose to pay one or all repayments early. Those paid monthly cannot have multiple repayment instalments.)

To delay repayment: On the 'Cash Out' screen, select ‘Delay repayment’ and the date will automatically be selected for you in line with your next pay cycle.

(Note: You can only delay your repayments once per Cash Out. If you miss a payment, you cannot opt to delay repayments any more for that particular Cash Out. Those paid monthly cannot delay any repayments.)

Please note it can take up to 2 business days for your bank to settle your early repayment with our system.

Tip: To Cash Out using our Pay On Demand™ service again your payments will need to be made in full and must not be pending.

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