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How do I verify my salary?
How do I verify my salary?
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You’re soooo close to taking back control of your finances!

You will need to verify your salary before you can Cash Out using our Pay On Demand™ service.

Follow these easy steps to get one step closer to getting your Pay On Demand™!

  1. Tap on the Cash Out lightning bolt icon and select the ‘Employment details’ button.

  2. Enter your employment details. (Note: Check that the information you provide is accurate as these will be used to detect your salary and determine your eligibility to Cash Out using our Pay On Demand™ service.)

  3. Submit your details and wait to be advised of the outcome of your salary verification.

If successful you will automatically be able to go to the ‘Enter your bank details’ step where you will provide details for the bank account that you would like your funds transferred into.

If unsuccessful our system was not able to detect your salary transactions and we will need you to select them for us to verify. This may need to be done manually which can take up to 24 hours.

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