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Can I get Pay On Demand™ if I'm on Centrelink?
Can I get Pay On Demand™ if I'm on Centrelink?
Updated over a week ago

Beforepay does not offer Pay Advance to those users where Centrelink payments make up 50% or more of their total income.

Below is our eligibility criteria for Pay Advace:

  1. All your salary income has to be deposited by your employer into the bank account you linked to Beforepay - we need to detect the 2 most recent salary transactions. We DO NOT accept direct bank deposits as salary payments.

  2. Your salary income is NOT being deposited into a savings account. These accounts have restrictions with your bank so we are unable to service it.

  3. Work cover payments are NOT eligible.

  4. Centrelink or government benefits cannot make up more than 50% of your income.

  5. We do not credit check you, however, we analyse your income and expenses to ensure you can repay us without causing you stress - you must pass our credit assessment criteria.

  6. You must make at least $300 in income after tax each week.

  7. You must have a regular pay schedule (weekly, fortnightly, monthly), and your pay needs to be regularly deposited into your account on the same day all the time.

  8. We service full-time, part-time, casual workers and contractors. We also service on-demand workers who work for the following companies - Uber, UberEats, Deliveroo, Bolt and Menulog.

  9. We do NOT cater to individuals with irregular or infrequent pay schedules.

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