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What if my salary goes into a savings account?
What if my salary goes into a savings account?
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Unfortunately, banks place limitations on savings accounts that restrict our ability to debit from these accounts. Because of this, we only provide Pay On Demand™ to specific savings accounts which we are able to verify to be debitable by a merchant.

We currently allow the following savings accounts:

  • ANZ Online Saver

  • Bank of Melbourne, Incentive Saver

  • BankSA Incentive Saver

  • Bendigo Achiever Account

  • Bendigo EasySaver Account

  • Bendigo Achiever Account

  • CBA, Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA)

  • NAB Smart Reward Saver

  • P&N Bank, Student Savings Account

  • P&N Bank, & Retirement Account

  • Suncorp Everyday Options (E-Options)

  • Suncorp Everyday Options Sub

If your account is currently not eligible, you can resolve this issue by following these steps:

  1. Update your bank details with your employer to a transactional account.

  2. Email and ask our team to remove your existing bank account.

  3. Log in to the Beforepay app and connect your transactional account details.
    (Note: To get access to your Pay On Demand™, we will need to be able to detect 2 pay cycles in your transaction history.)

If you have any questions about connecting your bank please contact our Customer Support team at

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