We always want to connect with our Beforepay community!

We may encounter occasional technical issues or system updates that might cause us to lose connection with your bank. We aim to resolve these ASAP and communicate with our Beforepay community (i.e. you!) to notify you of any issues and/or actions that need to be taken, like reconnecting your bank.

There are also a few other common reasons why you are unable to connect to your bank. These include:

  • Wrong bank details
    It happens! Triple-check that you are entering the correct bank details. Make sure you are connecting the bank account where you receive your salary payment, as this will be used to verify your eligibility for our Pay On Demand™ service.

  • Your bank changed its website
    You can fix this by logging into your internet banking from a computer (not through your bank app). Then come back to Beforepay and try to connect again.

  • You have two-factor authentication (2FA) for your bank
    Due to technical limitations, our systems do not currently support 2FA if you have it enabled to log in to your mobile or internet banking.

  • Lost bank connection
    This will require you to re-enter your bank details, even if you have successfully connected your bank with Beforepay. This will re-authorise and re-establish the connection so we can continue to provide you with our services.

If you have lost connection to your bank for longer than 24 hours, or experience any issues with re-connecting your bank, please contact our Customer Support team at support@beforepay.com.au

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