We look at a number of factors when determining how much you can Cash Out - at Beforepay, we are here to give you financial control in a responsible way.

From time to time you might notice your Cash Out limit increase or decrease. There are a number of factors that impact your limit. Here are some of the key factors:

  1. Income - we're here to help you when you need it, but we also make sure that you have a regular source of income so you can repay your Cash Out. Fluctuations in your income can contribute to changes in your Cash Out limit.

  2. Debts - if you have a large amount of debt from multiple sources, including Buy Now Pay Later solutions, this can impact your Cash Out limit. We also encourage you to use our Insights and Budgeting tools to help understand and manage your finances better.

  3. Risky Behaviours - The saying "everything in moderation" applies here. You're empowered to use your money how you see fit, but if we notice frequent risky spending behaviour such as gambling, this may impact your Cash Out limit.

  4. Account History - showing positive behaviours, like repaying on time, can positively impact your Cash Out limit. On the other hand, if you miss repayments your Cash Out limit can be negatively impacted.

We aim to provide our community with flexibility to make sure repaying us is easy peasy. That's why repayments are automatically scheduled on pay day, and that you can break them out in instalments. Plus, you can repay or delay a repayment (once per pay cycle).

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