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What causes my electricity or gas bill to be more expensive?
What causes my electricity or gas bill to be more expensive?
Updated over a week ago

There are plenty of reasons why your energy bill might be higher at certain times. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Visitors or extra housemates

Having guests around regularly, or living with a second or third housemate, simply means more bodies to account for in your home. And this means more energy gets used!

Seasons change

The difference in seasons tends to mean the difference in your energy bills.

As spring slides into summer, it’s often that you’ll be turning on your air conditioning or fan more regularly to cope with the heat.

In comparison, you’ll use more heating in winter, and are more likely to switch on your lights, clothes dryer and electric blanket.

While these elements will mostly be factored into your routine every year, bear in mind that there are plenty of ways to reduce your usage and save a ton on your bills – whether it’s keeping your air con down to around 25°C and on a low to medium fan, or swapping your electric blanket for a hot water bottle.

Idle appliances

Appliances left on standby often consume electricity when you’re not even using them.

According to EnergyAustralia, standby electricity can add up to 10% of your electricity bill, which definitely adds up over the course of a year – so remember to turn your appliances off at the wall once you’re finished.

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