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Why do I need to connect my bank to access my Tax Refund Advance?
Why do I need to connect my bank to access my Tax Refund Advance?
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We connect your Beforepay account to your bank account for a number of reasons:

  • To verify your eligibility to Cash Out with Beforepay: We conduct an assessment and verification process to secure your account and ensure we are providing financial control in a responsible way.

  • To transfer your Tax Refund Advance: We transfer the funds that you Cash Out directly into your bank account so you can use it anytime, anywhere!

  • To help you manage your money: We provide you with real-time spending insights, help you track your bills, and create a bespoke budget according to your spending behaviour, only in the Beforepay app.

  • To arrange alternative repayments: H&R Block will repay your Tax Refund Advance when they receive your tax refund from the ATO. If your tax refund is not received by the due date, or if the amount of your tax refund is less than your advance, your outstanding repayments will be debited from your bank account. If we have already started deducting repayments from your account, these will be considered partial payments and will be credited against your balance owing.

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