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How does Beforepay know my spending insights?
How does Beforepay know my spending insights?
Updated over a week ago

When you enter your bank details and connect your bank to the Beforepay app, we are able to sync up your transactions. This allows us to understand your spending history and behaviour so that we can provide you with insights to help you spend smarter, budget better, and stay in control of your finances!

The insights we provide include:

  • Money spent - an overview of your spending categories and a month-by-month comparison so you can track your spending and see where your money goes.

  • Upcoming bills - a snapshot of your bills and when they are due based on past transactions in your bank account. (Note: These are predictions only, and we recommend that you check your bills to confirm due dates and payment details.)

  • Budget - an auto-generated budget for relevant spending categories based on your spending history. You have the option to customise these as well!


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